CIVIS – Centru de analiză şi investigaţii sociologice, politologice şi psihologice

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CIVIS is a member of the European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals ESOMAR.

The Centre of Sociological, Politological and Psychological Analysis and Investigations CIVIS is a non-governmental research centre, founded in March 1997. CIVIS was registered at Ministry of Justice at April 24th, 1997 under the number 0022.

CIVIS staffs (sociologists, psychologists, political scientists) are specialists with a large experience in the field of inter-disciplinary research. CIVIS also cooperate with experts-consultants in various fields subjected to investigations in order to ensure the high quality of data collection and analysis to meet entirely clients’ / beneficiaries’ requirements / needs and expectations.

Additional to the staff, CIVIS has a national network comprising over 200 well-trained field-operators with large experience in interviewing different categories of the population (including ethnic groups). Centre CIVIS has necessary technical equipment and technologies in order to perform complex sociological researches.

Centre CIVIS uses full accounting system complying with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
Centre CIVIS has ability to operate within budget, assuring also the quality performance. The experience was accumulated during 10 years of activity in the field and conducting over 150 research projects in various fields.

Centre CIVIS is Moldovan partner of GFK, the no. 4 market research organization worldwide.

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